FHO Racing has teamed up with history-making racer Maria Costello MBE to help the squad’s drive to support up and coming female racers.


The team, owned and operated by Faye Ho, has been committed to nurturing and supporting talented girl racers since early in 2021 and currently backs a number of young and exciting girls in various motorsport series.


Now, to further enhance her commitment, Faye is drawing on the knowledge and experience of Costello – the world’s most prominent and well-known female road racer – as she joins the team in a management and mentor role for its four female motorcycle racers.


A former Guinness World Record holder, Costello put herself back in the history books again in 2019 when she became the first female to contest a solo and a sidecar race on the same day.


Alongside her busy racing schedule, she has spent a number of years giving up her own time to support some of the UK’s young female talent and is now looking forward to sharing her skills and wisdom with the team’s supported riders – Jamie Hanks-Elliott, Holly Harris, Charlotte Marcuzzo and Scarlett Robinson.


Maria Costello MBE:


“I’m really excited, this opportunity feels like a natural progression for me after more than 26 years competing and running my own teams in this sport and I’m absolutely over the moon to be doing this.


“I feel very fortunate to be in a position to take on this role, it’s no small undertaking but I’m so happy to be working with some really talented young racers.


“Being able to give back to the sport in a professional role really means a lot to me and shows how the sport is evolving in such a positive way towards women.


“I have all these years of experience, I’ve been there and done quite a lot and now I want to just try and pass on a bit of that and ultimately, just be there to help and support these amazing girls.”


Faye Ho, Team Principal:


“Growing and supporting the number of girls in this sport has always been something I’m passionate about, and who better to help us in this journey than someone who has been there, done it and made a career from it?


“If you talk about female motorcycle racers over the last couple of decades, there is only one who stands out as having any longevity and that is Maria. She has proved time and time again that you can be successful at this sport as a female but she also knows how much work it involves


“Because of this, she is perfectly placed to be able to help our FHO girls. Not only is she able to help them with the racing side, she knows what other obstacles they may face along the way and her vast experience and knowledge is second to none.


“I am delighted to welcome Maria to the team and I know the girls are thrilled to have her on board too.”