CHARLOTTE Marcuzzo is one of three FHO girls racing in the HEL Performance British Junior Supersport Championship and became part of the squad in 2021.


A fan of motorbike racing since a child, she got her first experience on two wheels in at British Minibikes at the age of 12 and quickly became a frontrunner before moving up to a Kawasaki Ninja 300 in 2020 with the Bemsee club.


Charlotte took the plunge and moved to 400cc power and the British series in 2021 for a year she approached as a learning experience and soon became a top 20 finisher. It was here she caught the eye of Faye Ho and was soon snapped-up as part of Faye’s team of female racers.


A former ballet dancer – she practiced the high-discipline art until 2020 – Charlotte made history at the opening JSS round of 2022 when she became the first female rider to take pole position at a British level production-bike race at Silverstone.